Peter Theunynck’s body houses twin souls: a virtuoso aesthete and a contrary troublemaker; a mild melancholic and a snappy hero of the resistance; a whistling nature-lover and a protesting city-dweller. This division does not lead to poetic conflict but to a Theunynckian mixture of sensitivity and obstinacy.
Kurt Deboodt

Peter Theunynck (°Eeklo, Belgium, 1960) lives and works in Antwerp. He is a freelance copywriter, poet en biographer. He’s published 6 volumes of poetry: Messages from the Pan American Airlines & C° (1997) The Trees Are Purple and The Sky (1999), Man in Manhattan (2003), Exceptional Present (2006), Tear Gas Society (2006) and To a new zealand (2010). In 2002 he won the Guido Gezelle Prize of the Flemish Academy.

In September 2010 appeared his biography of the famous Flemish poet Karel van de Woestijne.

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